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What if you could get customized help with your {{utm_term}} to get YOU into HIGH GROWTH mode?

What if you could clearly identify your target market so that you once-and-for-all eliminate all your marketing guesswork?

What if you could identify that perfect message that matches that target market that you know is ideal for your business?
What if you knew the media sources of how to connect your Message to your Market so that you can make more money faster, better, and a whole lot easier?

I'm Alex Mandossian. Welcome to GBO Mentoring. This is your opportunity to become a candidate for our mentoring program.

If you are already a GBO Student, close this page now... this is NOT for you...

... and if you are not a GBO Student... you're probably asking... 

What is GBO

If you've been with me for a while then you know it's Guerrilla Business Online.

What does Guerrilla mean?

Guerrilla means unorthodox. 

Guerrilla means coming at each of the solutions from the sides. It's usually a type of warfare which is not pleasant to think about, but they're not the conventional, high-cost marketing strategies you know about.
Now, the aim of our mentoring if you are eligible for a discovery session is to identify your market, to identify your message and to identify those media channels that will match your ideal Message to your ideal Market.

    - Market (Who?)

    - Message (What?)

    - Media (How?)

It's the who, What and the How. The Market is who you're going after. The Message is what you are saying to them and the Media is how you get to them. Let's keep going.

Intention: The “What”: Eligibility for Discovery Session

Later on, there’s a link. I don't want you to click it yet, I want you to keep reading some more and then you can decide to click it later.

When you click it, you have an opportunity to answer questions genuinely, authentically and honestly.

Purpose: The “Why”: Identify Key Reasons You're Stuck

Then we can assess whether you are an ideal candidate and eligible for our mentoring program.

Strategy: The “How”: Get unstuck with COI versus the ROI

Now, what does that mean? COI stands for Cost Of Inaction. Some people call it Cost Of Indecision. It keeps you stuck at where you are, which is also known as "Point A."

ROI is the vision or what you want to achieve, and that's "Point B." You want a Return On Investment so you're investing in mentoring, you're getting a mentoring coach, you're using the GBO Curriculum.

If you've gone through it, then you just get mentoring. If you haven't gone through it, you get the curriculum and the mentoring to usher you along and it's to get you unstuck from where you are right now to make a change. How I know you need to make a change because you're here.

Most people chase Point B and they focus 80% of their focus on it. “I want to make $10,000 a month. I want to make $100,000 a month. I want to make $5,000 a month.”

Whatever the amount they focus on that versus where they're stuck and why they're stuck. If you can't identify Point A and that's what we focus 80% of the time in the Discovery Session ... if you qualify.

Then there's no way you're going to Point B and that's why most people don't become where they want to be.

That's why they call it Point B. It's someone that you're becoming. You're changing your identity. It's not a shift.
"Focus" Is On Making Change
Now, the focus of our mentoring is very unique. It's all about making a change. It's not about making money although you will It's not about having more wealth although you will. 

It's not about having more business contacts in your niche or industry although you will. It's about making a permanent change and to adapt to that change. Just like nature.

What is GBO? Guerilla Business Online. That's why it's done online versus offline.

Why Is It Relevant Or Important?
These are the fastest, easiest and most reliable ways to dramatically boost your income and your sales and profits in your business or start your business without spending money on advertising costs.

In fact, you'll do it at the lowest cost possible. We will show you the strategies because it's part of the GBO training. If you've taken the GBO training, then the Mentoring will allow you to master it.

There will be 4 Inner Game Agreements you will be asked to keep if you are chosen.

Down below, you see the button? You can click it now if you want.

It says “Here Are My Answers.” That's going to be your final step.
Now, if you want to do that now, you can but what I want you to do is still read this first if you decide to click that button. You're going to be asked to keep 4 agreements.

    1) Coachability

    2) Decisiveness

    3) Commitment

    4) Investment

You're going to be asked how coachable are you, how decisive you are, what level of commitment you have and then you'll be given a range of investments because we have several options.

QUESTION: How do you play the GBO Game?

There are 4 ways to play the game. If you studied with me, you know what they are and I'm wondering how you're playing right now.

    1) Refuse to Play

    2) Pretend to Play

    3) Play Not To Lose

    4) PLAY to Win!

You can refuse to play, you can pretend to play, you can play not to lose and you can play to win.

Now, if you're playing a winnable game, and the Guerilla Business Online strategy and principles, they are a winnable game. If you haven't won yet and you've gone through the course it's because you haven't had the mentoring to allow you to do it. 

It's so hard to do it alone!!

If you haven't gone through the course then you're in for a treat when your mentor assists you along the way.

2 Results In A Winnable Game Of GBO

Result #1 is you win! Result #2 is you learn and if you're a lifelong learner, you're in the right place because you're willing to make a positive and permanent change in your life!

CAREFULLY ANSWER: Questions #9 & #11

These two questions in my opinion are the two most important questions in the application, the assessment, the intake, whatever you want to call it down below. 

Take your time. 

If it takes 20 minutes, that's fine.

If it takes 10, that's okay too. 

It could take you 5 to 7 minutes but make sure you are genuine in your answers, you're truthful because it's not going to help you if you are lying and stretching the truth. It's not going to help you and you won't be eligible anyway.

Fair Warning: If you're eligible, you'll be expected to secure a refundable deposit. In fact, we're going to ask you to do that and if you're not eligible, we'll give you back the money.

Now, if you go through the Discover Session and the mentor that is doing the discovery with you, if they decide that you're not a good fit and it'll be waste of your investment, they will tell you and we'll give back that $150 fee because that's how much it costs.

If you don't show up and you don't tell us we will keep that $150 fee. Fully refundable but if you can't show up if your schedule changes, tell us and you get the money back. 

Better yet, show up and go through the process.
QUESTION: What could happen if you're accepted?

I started in the beginning. What if you had a Crystal Clear idea of Who your target market is? Most people don't. What if you had a Crystal Clear vision of What your message is so you keep giving it to your market again, and again, and again?

What if you knew those media sources of How to match the message with your market so that you keep making money again, and again, and again?

FINAL STEP: Click “Here Are My Answers” Button Down Below

It's right there. I've made it so it’s like we're having a conversation, and take your time. Honestly, answer these questions so that you're truthful and if you are eligible your Mentor will really serve you. 

Your Discovery Session will last somewhere between 30 to 45 min.

To your success,

~ Alex Mandossian
CEO of